In the fantasy wonderland, beautiful love, I Do and Tord Boontje present the winter wonderland series

Winter is here, Christmas is coming. In this starry, snowy winter day, I Do selects new jewellery for lovers and loved ones, and together with Tord Boontje, I will present the I Do Winter Wonderland series. The Winter Wonderland series is inspired by the ice and snow elements as the core art. Through the craftsmanship, the crystal snowflake is transformed into a diamond, which reproduces the pure love in the fantasy fairyland.

Tord Boontje is one of the most influential figures in contemporary design and is known as the “falling designer”. He was the professor and director of the Department of Industrial Design at the Royal College of Art. His works have won numerous world-class design awards such as Red Dot, IF, and Wallpaper Design Awards, and he was collected at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MOMA). Tord Boontje is meticulous and romantic. It is good at creating a fairyland atmosphere that resembles a fairy tale with natural elements and light and shadow effects. It is designed with emotions to make the work resonate with emotion. This creative emotional aesthetic experience is also the reason why I Do is working hand in hand with it celebrity dresses.

The advent of the I Do Winter Wonderland series comes from the inspiration of Tord Boontje when he strolls through the ice world. In the snowy winter day, the snowflake radiates a little starlight under the light map, just like the true love heart blooms purely radiant. The I Do Winter Wonderland series uses snowflake as the core design element, which combines the ice crystal shape claws with the diamonds, and combines the industry-leading CNC technology to make the light shine on the hexagonal mirror surface to create a snowy forest fairy tale. A fantasy dream.
The winter wonder series diamond ring adopts CNC technology. The main diamond has 72 flawless facets, and the snowflake shape with the same back light brightness and angle is the same, showing the specular reflection effect of ice crystal. There is a crystal diamond on the wall, which adds winter fun to the jewels. It is like walking through the snow forest, loving a snowflake, crystallizing it into a diamond and placing it at your fingertips.

The female ring captures the trajectory of the sled in the fairy tale, adopts an innovative hollowing out wall, and embellishes the clear diamond with a snowflake shape; the male ring embeds the snowflake design in the ring wall, which is in harmony with the female ring. Like you in the winter, I love you, then take the snow and condense it into a love token.

The Winter Wonderland series bracelet reproduces the trajectory of snow falling with seven diamonds, allowing the ice and snow to be freely moved between the wrists, as if the blossoming snow is blooming, and the gentle love will linger around the wrist.

Winter Wonderland series earrings are designed with different lengths of the trend. The main diamonds are dazzling and snowy, and there are also many crystal diamonds on both sides, adding fashion chic to the winter look. Every piece of snowflake is like an elf, with my love, falling in your ear, telling endless long love.

“I Do” – derived from the wedding vows, represents the loyalty of the lovers who step into the marriage hall, is the most sacred declaration of love. I Do Winter Wonderland series loves snow with pure love, and uses the enamel diamonds to condense the magical wonderland of love on the fingertips, wrists and ears, so that love blooms in the winter.

Winning by design ByWP shines at the 27th Hong Kong International Optical Fair

On November 8, the 27th Hong Kong International Optical Fair hosted by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) was successfully concluded at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. 810 exhibitors from 18 countries and regions around the world participated in this event. A grand event. The global brand, brand new design, cutting-edge trends, fashion elements, the global industry colleagues participated in the grand event, to welcome the future, Beijing Sibo Run Trading Co., Ltd. with the designer series brand – ByWP (Bader) was invited to participate, and won wide attention With favor.

During the exhibition, in front of the ByWP booth, consumers and merchants from all over the world are in a constant stream. Everyone may consult or try on the brand characteristics, or discuss cooperation matters celebrity dresses.

The German designer brand ByWP has always been popular with consumers for its light, comfortable and stylish wearing experience. Different from other eyewear brands, ByWP is committed to blending modern fashion with industrial design culture. While fully demonstrating the spirit of German craftsmen, it also pays more attention to the technical application of production. From the perspective of comfort, more stainless steel metal is used. Let fans who like ByWP get a more comfortable wearing experience. To this end, ByWP thin paper steel glasses have also become a collection of global love mirrors.

According to ByWP designer Wolfgang Proksch, the glasses are light, comfortable and stylish. Only the delicate and high-quality design, supplemented by high-quality thin and durable stainless steel materials, can show the taste of the wearer.

At the same time, ByWP represents the uncompromising modernity of design, meeting the individualized, fashionable, branded and high-end needs of glasses consumption. Among them, mirror and Fitting are all from the perspective of comfort, and therefore won the iF industrial design award. With the red dot design award.

To this end, ByWP has also become a frequent visitor to major international optical exhibitions. From Beijing International Optical Fair to Shanghai International Optical Fair to Hong Kong International Optical Fair, every year and every exhibition, ByWP will become the focus of everyone’s attention.

It is understood that at this Hong Kong International Optical Fair, lightweight and corrosion-resistant metal materials such as titanium, titanium alloy, stainless steel and tantalum are constantly being welcomed, especially designer brands. The product range is also constantly enriched, consumer demand for reading glasses, sports glasses, sunglasses and so on continues to grow, and the advantages of ByWP are further highlighted.

The lines are neat, the quality is excellent, and it is extraordinary in the ordinary. ByWP, with the one-stop promotion and procurement platform of Hong Kong International Optical Fair, it attracts more consumers and has also reached many cooperations. With the successful conclusion of the 27th Hong Kong International Optical Fair, ByWP is also full of rewards.

During the exhibition, the relevant person in charge of ByWP also participated in many seminars, workshops, glasses exhibitions, etc., which greatly promoted the exchange of the industry. Grasping the new situation in the optical industry and leading the new trend in the optical industry, ByWP will win a lot of attention and will also have a better market development space.

Greedy girl cue tea Yan Yue color: Can the milk tea flavor makeup be eaten?

Outsiders: “Every cup of tea is not thundering?” Changsha: “That is true!”

Tea Yan Yue color is really a beauty that comes into our minds by strength. It is difficult to let go of the countless little fairy lads even if they are in Changsha South High-speed Railway Station for half an hour to take a cup! Don’t let me drink tea? You want it celebrity dresses!

Huh? How is this “packing bag” of tea color so special?

It turned out that the tea-beauty beauty of the gentle and ancient rhyme of this time brought the different beauty skin makeup products to the iron powder, and the two local brands joined forces to create the national aesthetic experience. From a cup of fresh tea into a mask, the original orchids latte “not only can be taken inside, but also outside!” Xiaoxi today will look at this series of joint names, what hidden secrets!

Walking on the streets of Changsha, holding the tea and color is the standard for Changsha street hipsters. But every time the tea face always has the last bite to drink, throwing away the cup is really my biggest disappointment! But since Xiaoxi got the milk tea bag of Yumifang × Tea Yanyue limited edition make-up set, always bring the fashion and beauty of the tea face to the side!

Inspired by the tea-and-yellow classic milk tea cup packaging design, the tea bag that blends with the retro elements is a fashion item that Xiaoxi looks at, with retro Hanfu, which is an important symbol of inheriting vintage beauty.

The design of the round bucket bag is paired with modern fashion, and it is not at all contradictory. With the combination of retro and modern, it is the most eye-catching shackles on the back.

See here, the collection of tea Yan control, please press your excitement! Although the tea bag has a face value, we also hope that you can see the beauty of our beauty.

Yumifang teamed up with a cup of tea, and decided to use your beauty secrets to fill your fashion bag~ Containing Royal Mud × Tea Yanyue Limited Edition Makeup Set, from Yumifang Tea Yan Yue V7 Puppet Makeup Cream and Yu Mu Fang Tea Yan Yue The composition of the velvet soft mist lipstick #505, the same series also has the Royal Mud Tea Yan Yue color carnosine essence membrane box. The set is set with beauty and nourishing, and a set is available. So are you ready to have a tea-like beauty with Xiaoxi?

When you go out, you must meet an acquaintance? nonexistent! The warriors who dare to go out and do not care about their own value? Xiaoxi believes that creating a fake machine is the most important key to simple out.

A simple plain cream is far simpler than the cumbersome makeup step. With a touch of light, it creates a smooth and delicate skin with a creamy face, launches a beautiful lightning bolt, and even lets the takeaway little brother not let go.

Royal Mufang Tea Yan Yue V7 fake makeup cream, painted on the hand is the same cream texture of milk tea, but not dry, not sticky. It is a lighter and thinner cream that can be pushed away with light force. Each time you apply two to three soy beans, you can apply the entire face. No need to remove makeup, it is a moisturizing cream that creates a fake and moisturizing skin while killing the skin.

Xiaoxi gave everyone a try and invited the photography brother to record the real high-definition, and found that the skin can naturally brighten the skin after smear, and improve the skin of Xiaoxi because of frequent staying up late, no false white or card Phenomenon, face and neck are used at the same time to cover the color difference between face and neck. This year’s Double Eleven event also intimately presents a travel-packed fragrance, which is exquisite and compact, and is convenient to carry around. Xiaoxi has listed this sour cream as a list of essential things for my daily commute and simple travel.

In the milk tea cup, there is also a Royal Mud velvet soft mist lipstick for the girls. It is a good girl with a good color.

Royal Mufang velvet lip and cream lipstick 505 color, with the same tea and tea, the cream design is three-dimensional carved, the value of the eye is simply blasting, not only in the streets of Changsha, in any occasion to make up the makeup is very ah ~

Xiaoxi experienced and observed it in his hand. The lipstick was painted with a moist and smooth texture, and the whole face was foggy. The color is this year’s popular reddish and dirty orange. The hot reason for this color is that the face is not picky? I will give it to everyone right away!

Royal Mufang velvet lip cream lip balm 505 color, thinly coated on the mouth will soon form a matte matte lip, but not dry. Thin paint to create a bite lip makeup, is the cute girl himself~

The orange tune in the thick color will be more saturated. It is a color suitable for autumn and winter. It is full of liveliness, so that Xiaoxi feels that it is a good-hearted lady who has become a good person for a second. The lipstick will be more moisturized than the thin one, making the lips more shiny. When you lick your lips, you can feel the velvet smoothness, like drinking tea~

Anti-glycation of the skin is a beautiful and time-competitive competition. The tea Yanyue carnosine essence membrane box is added with carnosine and decarboxylated carnosine. Using peptide anti-aging, combined with UniAnti-AG formula, black tea extract tea polyphenols anti-oxidation, promote the synthesis of collagen and elastin, prevent fine lines and dark yellow skin, care for every girl who loves sweet milk tea~

The tea Yanyue Muscle Essence Essence Membrane Box contains the Royal Mud Tea Yanyue Muscle Essence Essence and the Tea Yanyue Fresh Tea Mask, which are placed in a set of boxes. Because they are used together, they can have 1+1>2 skin care. The effect is oh~

The essence of the independent sealed vial packaging design is very good to preserve the activity of the essence, each time open an essence, is the amount of one. Insulation of exposure to air and oxidation.

The essence is a transparent, hydrated texture with no special taste. Heat your hands and apply the essence to your palm. Apply to face, eye area, and thick lines of law.

When using the essence, Xiaoxi suggests to use the massage technique of lifting to make the essence absorb better. When applying the cheeks, gently lift your finger from the chin to the cheekbones. The skin around the eyes can be pulled from the corners of the eyes to the end of the eyes, helping to restore skin elasticity. Then, when the skin is quickly absorbed, apply the mask to lock the active ingredients and quickly replenish the skin.

When Xiaoxi tears open the package and takes out the mask, the full essence drops out, feeling that the skin can’t wait to drink water!

The film of the tea-yellow-colored fresh tea mask is designed to be slim and breathable, and the upper face will not be stuffy, and the skin is breathing while hydrating.

Xiaoxi himself is oily skin, try to use a combination of essence and mask, and use the skin moisture tester to test the moisture content of the skin before and after use. During use, the essence of the face does not have the feeling of boring pores, there is obvious hydration to soothe the feeling of skin tension, the mask can fit the facial skin very well. After using the essence and techniques, the skin moisture content test is significantly improved, which can improve the skin’s water shortage. Xiaoxi really recommends autumn and winter use~

The business ability is a perfect “Australian Rose”, or the best spokesperson of the ant waist?

BLACKPINK is a popular Korean women’s team. The four members not only have the strength but also the value of the face. Every time they return, they can break the records. When they mentioned that most of them think of Jennie and Lisa, Xiaobian likes it. It is ROSÉ, and her famous ant waist is the most enviable place.

The combination of Park Choi-ying has 4 MV hits of 100 million, which is a strong female group. This kind of phenomenal heat, saying that they are “monsters” can not be overemphasized, almost every time there is a hot search.

Park Choi-ying immigrated to Australia with her parents when she was 8 years old. At the age of 14 in the YG Australia Division, she sang Jason Mraz’s “I won’t give up”. With excellent singing ability, she broke the 700:1 competition rate. , won the first place celebrity dresses.

After five years of practicing at YG, she became a member of the BLACKPINK debut. During the mini album released in G-Dragon, she made a appearance to the song “Without You”. Her strength and charm should not be underestimated.

As a lead singer, Park Choi-ying has some excellent singing skills and a good dance performance. Therefore, she has always had a low popularity in the team. Besides having a very magnetic and infectious voice, her facial features and body are also first-class. Good!

Park Caiying’s wearing is more individual, plus the height of 168 is completely beautiful, and she looks like a cartoon character after she dyed her long blond hair.

Long blond hair with exquisite makeup, wearing a black hooded sweater with the same color sports pants, sitting on the basketball body, exudes youthful vitality, feet on dark blue sneakers, completely youthful and invincible sports girl looks like .

She is just a fairy-like presence in the concert, wearing a black lace sequined tube top and a mesh gown with the same color. She is sexy and stylish, revealing a slender waist. Her famous “Ant Waist” is out in the Korean Circle. The name is the best spokesperson for the ant waist!

She has a strong business ability, and she is called “Australian Rose” by fans. The facial features are soft lines, but at the same time it is very atmospheric. Plus the natural superior body, it is simply that most people are envious.

At the event, wearing a small black dress with a sling, showing sexy clavicle and beautiful shoulder line, this makeup and hair color, captured my heart in a flash, giving everyone a refreshing impact.

Follow the millions of fashion blogs, not just wear!

Recently, PC Sauce has fallen in love with an INS blogger with millions of fans – Beatrice Valli from Italy.

Desperate to everyone, Amway, this super-sense fashion blogger!

Like most girls, Beatrice Valli also likes to take selfies in any place with a mirror. Her dress is simple and clean, full of lines. It is suitable for daily attendance while still being fashionable. It is sure to be the brightest in the office with her celebrity dresses.

In addition to personal self-portraits, Beatrice Valli will also take selfies with her husband and children. It is a show of love and show, a happy marriage and a happy family. This dog food PC sauce is eaten!

Whether it’s the daily show, the love of the show, the go shopping, and the activities, Beatrice Valli’s style of dress has been changing, but it is casual and comfortable, and sometimes become a strong professional woman.

But the only constant is the gorgeous smile of Beatrice Valli!

Every time I see Beatrice Valli’s smile, I can feel full of happiness. In addition to the reasons for happiness in life, of course, there is also a neat white teeth! With her sweet dimple, it is too infectious!

The “Chinese makeup” of the fire pipe has set off a wave in Japan, and unexpectedly harvested 300,000 people.

The little fairies who are sure to make up the surf have searched the makeup tutorial on the Internet. I have seen the makeup bloggers who have performed Japanese, Korean and European and American makeup. Have you learned anything from it?

Japanese girls’ “Makeup” is one of the four major Asian sorcerers. Whether it is exquisite daily makeup, cute girl bunny makeup, Mori girl fresh makeup, domineering sorcerer makeup, women who love beauty in Asian countries are chasing each other. The object of imitation celebrity dresses.

Indeed, compared to Korean makeup, Chinese makeup does not emphasize the sense of water and light, nor does it pursue the silkworm doll eye. “The makeup is high and clean.” The soul of Chinese makeup is a big red lipstick, which looks beautiful and has a gas field. They are all magnifying the dominant part, instead of blindly applying a template makeup.

In the Japanese media and a large number of bloggers: Chinese makeup represents an “independent heart” and “female consciousness.” Simply put, Chinese makeup is more mature and beautiful, and the concern is to please yourself rather than to the opposite sex.

Previously, there was a tubing deer in Japan, whose name was Sui Naixiang, and also sent a Chinese makeup tutorial on the tubing. Her inspiration came from the two major social platforms, the little red book and the vibrato.

Does the effect after makeup look like everyone’s daily makeup? This video unexpectedly received 300,000 people, and praised by countless netizens. This young lady also likes Chinese culture everyday. She often sends Chinese makeup on ins and also watches Chinese movies.

The topic of Chinese makeup has a lot of feedback on the ins, and it has quietly raised the heat. Although it has caused imitation, in the eyes of foreigners, this is the makeup with Chinese characteristics. In fact, is this really the “Chinese style makeup”? Part of the so-called “beauty blogger” on the vibrato & small red book.

There are other bloggers. After finishing the Chinese makeup, there is a feeling that the big sister is not so good, but you can also see it at a glance. Her makeup is more like the favorite of the net red.

We must know that “Chinese style” has never been more than one style. It is an eclectic trend with the development of the times, and there is no easy-to-learn idiot routine. Only God-like makeup techniques, such as Ouyang Nana’s “flame red lips” makeup A sense of high-level, but also quite a bit of Hong Kong style.

The real Chinese makeup is adjusted from person to person, making the advantages more magnified and weakening the existence of shortcomings. Thousands of people can have thousands of faces, but not all the big eyes with high nose and small lips.

A while ago, the great god Mao Geping helped the bloggers to make up, and instantly smashed the entire Weibo, and even took a section of his beauty teaching video more than 20 years ago. The video for the ordinary people has a volume of nearly 1.85 million in the B station, which is known as the “treasure of the town station”!

Beauty-like foolish teaching: as long as these thoughts are taken, the photos are different from now on.

As we approach the end of the year, waves of exhibitions are constantly coming. I heard that the little sisters are not going to the exhibition or going to the surrounding area on weekends. I am really envious of overtime, but when I open my circle of friends, I see the little sisters. When they showed photos, I…

Looking at these long-lasting scissors and stupid stances when taking pictures, I really vowed to give this little photo to the little sisters. After reading it, make sure you become the circle of friends. People, have the most unique travel, come and join me to stop the tourist photos~

Photo Tip 1 – Don’t look at the camera

If you don’t look at the camera, you can say that it is the most natural photo-taking position. It seems that you can take a casual shot. There is no feeling of contrived, and you don’t have to stare at the camera. Isn’t your heart nervous?

However, it is also tricky not to look at the lens. First, before we can remove the line of sight, we can look at the lens to find a good position. Before we press the lens, we will remove the line of sight, or hoe, or bow celebrity dresses.

Secondly, when we look down to the left and right, it is recommended not to exceed 45°. Otherwise, the curve of the neck is too folded, which gives people a feeling of being stiff and not stretching. It is very unnatural and the head is too far. There will be a feeling of military training that affects the beauty. Of course, if your side face is very good, it is not impossible to kill the side face, but it is recommended that the body also adjust slightly with the angle of the turning head.

Third, when you don’t look at the camera, you can interact with things around you, such as flipping a small bag or flipping through the brochure in the exhibition hall. There is really nothing to move your hair. It feels natural. The rate of this method is extremely high~

Photo Tip 2 – Raise your arm

Many times, we only have ourselves in our shots. There are no items that can interact. At this time, we should not stand up. We can try to lift our arms and pretend to tie our hair. This is a relatively large movement. It will not be too rigid to shoot, but it will also show the true personal line and stretch.

If you feel that your hair is not suitable, you can pretend to stretch or relax and stretch your hand. It can also create a natural lazy feeling, and it can also be stretched in proportion.

If you have a hat or other accessories on your head, you can also play around at will, be sure to relax and get the best posture.

2 beauty according to fool teaching: as long as these careful thinking, the photo is not the same back to the top
Photo skills three – look back

Compared to the silly standing in front of the camera, it’s absolutely fascinating to look back and smile. Turning around and driving the hair can be said to be quite awkward.

If it is static, our line of sight can look down a bit, so that the photos that can be taken will be very artistic, and the chin can easily create a shyness for the little girl, easily fascinated by the big boys, but if Dynamic lookbacks, such as snickering during a trot, we can also look at the camera with a very youthful and lively feeling, Sunshine Girl.

The last little tip is to remember to take a breath and grab it when you take a picture. This will not only play the effect of receiving the chin, but also enhance the spirit of the whole person.

Photo Tip 4 – interact with the camera

Many times, everyone will feel that facing the camera is a super embarrassing thing. When the lens is put up, I don’t know how to act, but in fact, you just need to treat the camera as your boyfriend or a good girlfriend, no matter Spoiled is still a play, just interact with him.

Especially when you can relax with the lens, whether it is a ghost face or a sneak peek, your photos will look more natural and the movement will be more abundant.

Photo Tip 5 – A mobile phone that can take a perfect photo

In order to make a perfect photo, in addition to good shape and posture, the most important thing is to have a good photographic equipment. Samsung has always attached great importance to shooting performance and experience in mobile phone products, especially this time. Four photographic image modules are selected on the Galaxy Note10 series mobile phone. The main camera is a 12-megapixel sensor. It also has a variable aperture. It supports full-pixel dual-core focusing, making it easy to take clear and beautiful photos.

Black and white twins, fission gathers Reebok X Adidas InstaPump Boost new attack

When Reebok, who dared to do the exception, met the innovative assembly of Adidas, when Reebok InstaPump Fury fit Adidas Ultra Boost, a super-combination, breaking the imagination of the super joint chemical reaction occurred sharply, smashing the enormous energy of the smashing, let the sneakers The trend world is shaking. In October 2019, Reebok X Adidas was the first to release the pioneering Prototype version of InstaPump Boost, followed by the OG meets OG series representing the top creative teams of the two brands. In November, the new black and white forces from this joint trend storm will also hit heavy. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Reebok InstaPump Fury, the new Reebok X Adidas InstaPump Boost black and white color will surely set off the climax of this carnival celebration, once again launching the shining stage of InstaPump Fury.

When Reebok InstaPump Fury first came out in 1994, it shocked the entire sneaker circle with a unique look and advanced sneaker technology. The mid-palm carbon board changed the split-type outsole of the traditional shoe industry, and replaced the lacing and wrapping system of the entire upper with a complete PUMP inflatable cage, completely overturning the conventional cognition of the shoes. After twenty-five years of infuriating, InstaPump Fury still shoulders the unique radical character of the Reebok brand and the spirit of “doing to do exceptions”, moving towards a more evolutionary direction. This time Reebok and the brother brand Adidas joint name, Adidas contributed the brand’s most popular BOOST cushioning technology, while innovating the appearance of the shoes also brought more powerful kinetic feedback and sole control effect celebrity dresses.

The new InstaPump Boost series consists of two colors, pure white and pure black, which continue the InstaPump Fury’s split outsole appearance and retain the classic PUMP inflatable cage. The midsole is the unified evolution of Adidas’s BOOST technology as a functional blessing for the shoes, further enhancing the technology and wearing comfort of the shoes; the signing of the scientific and technological cooperation between the two sides is opposite to the color of the shoes. The color matching is PUMP+BOOST dotted at the heel. A black removable strap is also added to the middle of the InstaPump Boost shoe, which is reprinted with the Reebok and Adidas brand logo to demonstrate the identity of the partnership. It is worth noting that the PUMP inflatable cage has a joint name tag hanging on the side, and PUMP and BOOST technology are also printed on both sides of the tag. The InstaPump Boost series custom shoebox design is also worthy of the sneakers. The shoe box retains the classic shoe box design elements of the two brands. At the same time, Reebok Logo and BOOST are printed on both sides, which highlights the speciality of the joint name.

Unprecedented brand co-branding, Reebok X Adidas InstaPump Boost has become the most eye-catching sneaker product of the year of 2019. The new InstaPump Boost series, from one-piece split to black and white, is sure to set off a new wave of trends.

The new Reebok InstaPump Boost black and white color matching series will be launched at the Reebok brand image store, Reebok Tmall flagship store, Adidas brand image store and Adidas Tmall flagship store.

About Reebok Reebok

Reebok, a well-known American trend sports brand, constantly defines new fashion trends with unconventional courage, and dares to make exceptions! From the world-famous first pair of spike shoes, the popular American style of Freestyle Nova, to the well-known inflatable Pump Fury, airbag cushioning DMX, ZIG technology shoes with stable stability and comfortable shock absorption, always announce to young people in the new era. A bold claim to break through the limits and dare to make exceptions. The star shoes Club C and the “playing big” INTERVAL give and inspire the fashion crowds to go forward and dare to break through. In addition, the brand is not only the trend pioneer with many sneakers, but also attracts a lot of fashion trends and the rebel and sincere spokespersons to voice their voices and convey the spirit of fearless and unstoppable.

BUDX and UCCA Lab open strategic cooperation to inspire new trends in art life

BUDX, a pioneering lifestyle promotion project of Budweiser, announced that it has joined hands with UCCA Lab, a brand of UCCA Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, to launch a strategic partnership based on the common urban cultural life concept and jointly present BUDX UCCA Lab series public through the music and art fields. The project leads a new interpretation and subversion of the lifestyle, and sets off a new trend of “real and supreme” art life that is unique in the art circle. Mr. Che Yi, Vice President of Budweiser Asia Pacific Market, said: “The agreement between BUDX and UCCA Lab to explore the possibilities of time and space for the younger and subversive art and the ambition and romance to distribute more pioneering attitudes to urban youth It is a hit, open to all artists and spectators, and welcomes everyone to break through all the traditional imaginations and join in this subversion, interpretation and reshaping.”

On the day of the annual celebration UCCA GALA held on November 3rd, Budweiser’s “My Supreme” independent music test site made its debut and became a highlight of the day. The “I am supreme” independent music test site is based on the classic red color of Budweiser, and uses the bold design with futuristicism and pioneering temperament to reinterpret the UCCA Lab public rest area: under the trend-forward Budweiser art wall painting, With a large amount of post-modern materials, a multi-integrated space combining the rest area, live house and bar is superimposed. Subversive lighting and bursting electronic music create a perfect blend of music, creators, audience and space. The free-creation test site allows more than 500 heavyweight guests from the cultural and art circles to enjoy the music and art of “Real My Supreme”.

During the cooperation of BUDX UCCA Lab, the venue will be provided free of charge for independent musicians in China. By inviting a number of independent electronic musicians and labels to enter, a series of music events will be held to mobilize all senses with the music of “I am supreme”. Inspire everyone’s true feelings. At the end of 2019, Budweiser will launch the BUDX UCCA Lab New Year Art Project, which will welcome every consumer in 2020 with the coolest surprise celebrity dresses.

BUDX, a pioneering lifestyle promotion project of Budweiser, has always been committed to creating and leading a unique new trend of life, and has passed this concept to fashion brands, electronic music, urban art and local artists. . Through BUDX, Budweiser hopes to provide consumers with more high-quality and personalized life experiences, to bridge the gap between different ethnic groups and cultures, to deliver the most exclusive trend content, to upgrade the consumer experience, and to add to the brand. More value. UCCA Lab is a sub-brand created by UCCA after years of practical exploration and combining the development prospects of Chinese cultural industry. It aims to explore and present the enlightenment and reflection based on contemporary urban life through continuous exhibitions and cultural projects. The vision covers contemporary art, design, and Different contemporary cultural forms such as architecture, fashion, music, and performance.

The cooperation between BUDX and UCCA Lab will promote the collision, integration and evolution of various artistic concepts. Budweiser hopes to provide a platform for viewers to transcend traditional visual expression and bring more pioneering art experiments on space, music and atmosphere. Practice, and look forward to in this interaction, let the audience discover new meanings about art.

About Budweiser Beer:

Budweiser was born in 1876 and is now one of the best-selling beer brands in the world. Budweiser Brewery officially entered the Chinese market in 1995, and it has taken an absolute leading position in the ultra-high-end beer market with its excellent quality. Made from high-quality barley malt and hops, Budweiser is an American beer with a strong aroma and a refreshing taste. It is also a symbol of American core values ​​such as optimism and celebration. Together with the long history of the Budweiser brand for more than 140 years, it has built the image of the king of Budweiser.

In 2018, relying on the strong propaganda activities of the FIFA World Cup to promote the continuous development and expansion of the new region, Budweiser’s global revenues increased by 5.3%, and reached outside the United States. 10% growth. Among them, Budweiser has injected vitality into the brand in more than 50 countries through one of the world’s largest platforms, the Russian FIFA World Cup. This is the largest and most successful campaign in Budweiser’s history. During the World Cup, Budweiser became the most discussed brand on digital media and social channels. In January 2018, Budweiser announced a 100% renewable energy project in the United States at the Davos Forum in Switzerland. Today, every Budweiser beer sold in the US uses renewable electricity. Brewed, and this commitment to environmental protection is rapidly fermenting on a global scale. In February 2019, Budweiser released a wind-powered-themed advertisement in one of the world’s largest arenas, the Super Bowl. By sponsoring the world’s most eye-catching events such as the Olympics and the World Cup, as well as sponsoring music and fashion in the field of young people, Budweiser has embodied its “premium demeanor” and has become the “king of beer”.

About UCCA Ullens Center for Contemporary Art:

UCCA Ullens Center for Contemporary Art is China’s leading contemporary art institution. UCCA adheres to the philosophy that art can go deep into life and cross borders, bringing rich art exhibitions, public projects and research projects to more than one million viewers every year. Located in the heart of the 798 Art District, UCCA Beijing main building covers an area of ​​about 10,000 square meters. Its original site was built in 1957 and has a long history. It was designed by the Dutch Metropolitan Architecture Office (OMA) in 2019. Stadium renovation. Designed by OPEN Architects, the UCCA Dunes Museum is located in the Anaya community on the Bohai Sea coast of Beidaihe. UCCA officially obtained the qualification of the art museum certified by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture in 2018, and was registered as a non-profit art foundation in the two places with the permission of the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau and the Hong Kong government. UCCA’s commercial sector includes the retail platform UCCA store, the UCCA Children’s Art Center, and the UCCA Lab’s off-site collaborative projects. UCCA opened in 2007 and completed the restructuring and transformation of the organization in 2017 with the support of a group of domestic and foreign directors. UCCA is committed to promoting China’s deeper participation in global dialogue through contemporary art.

About UCCA Lab:

As a cross-border platform to explore the possibilities of artistic diversity, UCCA Lab has teamed up with outstanding brands in various fields to present special events such as cultural promotion and art exhibition projects that are in line with the spirit of the brand. These activities have become one of UCCA’s iconic cultural events. These projects not only occur in the 798 Art District where UCCA is located, but also through the platform of partners in different communities, cities and countries, and convey the charm of contemporary culture and art to a wider range of people while continuing to explore urban practices. , continue to expand the form of art projects.

EACHWAY S/S 2020 China International Fashion Week <>

Guide: Moon White, Green Blue, Zhu Hong, Yan Zi, Qiu Xiang These Chinese colors, extracted from China’s Lushan smoke, autumn moon Xiaolu, the color is elegant, purely soft.
Glass bottle Yingqiu Yuebai, Youhuahuajing contains Xiaolu–《大峨峨绝顶睹相相光光成长句二十韵》

The powder core Danqing can not be traced, the gold needle thread is difficult to attack the enemy – “Fishing Home Ao · Powder Core Danqing”

On October 30th, 2019, at 5:00 pm, Yi Zhihui released a new series of “China Color” in 2020 Spring and Summer at China International Fashion Week. This series is based on the inheritance of EACHWAY Chinese color genes. Fresh perception, using color to call women’s inner delicate and external feminine, paying attention to contemporary humanistic art and aesthetic perception, is committed to transforming the pure color of naturalism into contemporary clothing culture and lifestyle celebrity dresses.

The EACHWAY 2020 Spring/Summer collection uses color to create the unique aesthetic concept of Art Hui, extracting simple and agile temperament, three-dimensional and simple cuts interspersed in pure colors, blending smooth contours and wrinkle elements, using expressive and novel design language. , a new interpretation of the natural and dynamic female image.

Chinese color is derived from pigments. Vegetable dyes, Chinese herbal medicine dyeing is the earliest ancient method of grass and wood dyeing in ancient China. Its natural method, the dyed fabrics are fragrant and fragrant, and the color is pure and soft. 2020 spring and summer series EACHWAY incarnate the traditional Chinese medicine herbalist, the natural color of the picking plant, the different fabrics and colors are hand-made, dyed in Cang Cang, dyed in yellow and yellow, soaked in purely elegant colors on the fabric.
The sleek and elegant tulle forms a virtual contrast with the texture of the hand-made earthen cloth, which enriches the level of dressing through the blend of virtual and real. The hand-woven brocade color warp and weft weaves the texture pattern, the traditional pattern rejuvenates in modern clothing, re-interprets traditional elements with an open creative concept, and explores the possibilities of clothing.

When traditional colors are reinterpreted in modern design and given a contemporary aesthetic perspective, the EACHWAY S/S 2020 “China Color” series uses a new vitality to interpret different oriental colors and costume cultures, focusing on vital expressions and pin-up forms. , color rendering style, showing the natural state of reality. Tradition and contemporary, inheritance and innovation, Yizhihui always insists on using fashion as a carrier to interpret the inner temperament of contemporary women.